My travels in 6 minutes

A few weeks ago I took part in an unforgettable fundraising Night of Adventure at the Vue Cinema in Edinburgh – the biggest-screen slideshow of my life thus far.

It was organised by the intrepid and slightly nuts Alastair Humphreys in aid of Hope and Homes for Children – a charity close to my heart because it matches abandoned or orphaned children with permanent families who can love them. (Donations always welcome).

My task was to tell the story of all my adventures Pecha Kucha style – that is, using just 20 slides, each of which would advance automatically after 20 seconds. So that’s the story of three books in a total of, er, six minutes and 40 seconds.


Above (or here) is how I fared…

And here are loads more mind-blowing 6-minute travels of my fellow-adventurers, ranging from husky-sledding to caving to walking across the Sahara.

If you like what you see, why not try it yourself? Check out Alastair’s challenge of a Summer of Adventure – your chance to plot your own daring exploits for charity. Go on, you know you want to…

Posted on: 08 Aug 2012 in Adrift in Caledonia, Eight Men and a Duck, Parenting, Spirituality, Urban Worrier
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