Oldradio800pxWCSunday Morning with Sally Magnusson – BBC Radio Scotland – Interview 28 mins Listen

Sally Magnusson talks to writer NICK THORPE about his new book Urban Worrier: Adventures in the Lost Art of Letting Go. A spiritual slant including faith, fatherhood and an eye-opening visit to a naturist colony. Broadcast 22nd May.

Learning to Love Risk – BBC Radio 4 – Live talk 15 mins – Listen

Is risk to be avoided or embraced? Writer NICK THORPE took his life in his hands when he stepped aboard a slowly-sinking reed boat and embarked upon a 2500 mile trans-Pacific voyage to Easter Island. In a live talk at the Edinburgh Festival, he ponders his own motives, and wonders why humans seem hard-wired to take risks. Broadcast in October 2010. Produced by David Stenhouse

Into the Whirlpool – BBC Radio 4 – Documentary 15 mins – Listen

George Orwell nearly drowned in it, countless skippers have battled with its standing waves and powerful gyres. Now travel writer NICK THORPE journeys into the gulf of Corryvreckan to experience the pull of Scotland’s treacherous whirlpool. Broadcast in 2007. Produced by Mark Rickards

Stark Talk – BBC Radio Scotland – Interview 30 mins – Listen

Travel writer NICK THORPE has voyaged 2500 miles across the Pacific on a slowly-sinking reed boat, and hitched the same distance around Scotland on other people’s vessels. Here he talks to Edi Stark of BBC Radio Scotland about his life and passions. Begins with Nick reading from the start of Adrift in Caledonia. Produced by Edi Stark.

Adrift In Caledonia – BBC Radio 4 – Book of the Week – Listen

The first of five abridged 15-minute sections of Adrift in Caledonia: Boat-hitching for the Unenlightened, by Nick Thorpe, read by actor Greg Powrie, and originally broadcast in March 2006. Produced by Kirsteen Cameron.

Animal Odyssey – BBC Radio 4 – DocumentaryListen

The beleaguered Inti Wara Yassi refuge in Bolivia looks after exotic animals rescued from the illegal pet trade. Now with a bigger site on offer, but only shoestring funding for transport, its volunteers must board local buses with delinquent monkeys, irritable pumas and derelict parrots and journey through the cocaine-producing Chapare region. NICK THORPE tags along for a hair-raising ride. First broadcast in 2004. Produced by Mark Rickards. Radio Times “Pick of the Day”

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