Pre-order Offer on Amazon

With less than a week until Urban Worrier goes on sale, I noticiced this morning that Amazon is doing a big opening offer for those who pre-order the book: reduced from £13.99 to £7.75 – so you’re almost getting two for the cover price of one.

With my business hat on, I should probably avoid flagging up this kind of mass-discounting, but I’m also a realist – and a good pre-order would do wonders for my Amazon ranking on day one, which in turn helps to publicise the book in a difficult economic climate.

So if you’re an Amazon user, please go ahead and pre-order here – I’m not sure how long this reduction will last. You can even sample excerpts from the book before buying, using their “Look Inside” function. And don’t worry, they won’t debit your card till they mail the books out on June 2nd.

Foolproof, really.

Posted on: 27 May 2011 in General, News, Urban Worrier

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