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Thanks to all those who came to today’s workshop on The Masculine Soul and contributed to such a rich conversation. As promised, here are links to many of the resources I mentioned during the afternoon. Enjoy!

Nick’s websites – author, speaker, coach – inspiring workshops for those who help boys flourish – led by Nick Thorpe and Emma Dempsey


Male Rites of Passage & Circles

Male Journey Rites:

Male Journey Groups:

Mankind Project UK:

Journeyman UK (for 13-17yr-olds):


Female Rites of Passage

Woman Within:

Women in Power:


Mixed Rites of Passage

For men, facilitated by women, and vice versa:


Cat Nightingale’s Integrated Masculine and Feminine diagrams



Wild man to wise man by Richard Rohr

Adam’s return by Richard Rohr

Manhood by Steve Biddulph

Raising Boys by Steve Biddulph

He by Robert Johnson

The Birth of Pleasure by Dr Carol Gilligan


Science on Boys’ Development

The Fragile Male, Sebastian Kraemer:

“This is Why Boys Need More Emotional Support than Girls”: and


“In speaking to women’s groups, I have suggested that women look at men this way : if they took away their own network of intimate friends, those with whom they share their personal journey, removed their sense of instinctual guidance, concluded that they were almost wholly alone in the world, and understood that they would be defined only by standards of productivity external to them, they would then know the inner state of the average man.”

James Hollis, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life: How to Finally, Really Grow Up (Kindle Locations 1989-1995). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

“What a mystery a boy is… And how easy it is to forget what beautiful creatures they are. There’s so much about them and in them that’s lovely. Graceful. Dreamy. Vulnerable. Qualities we either don’t notice, or simply blind ourselves to. You see, there’s great native tenderness in children. In boys, as much as in girls. But so often I see boys having the tenderness shamed out of them.”

Tim Winton, novelist, from


Posted on: 28 Sep 2019 in General, Menswork, Psychology, Spirituality

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