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Nick Thorpe is an award-winning writer and journalist of more than 20 years experience. A contributor to the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Scotsman and BBC Radio 4 among others, he first got his taste for the writer’s deadline as an 18-year-old gap year apprentice on the Surrey Comet.

After graduating from Oxford and City universities he joined the Edinburgh Evening News and subsequently the Scotsman as a news and feature writer, covering a range of national and international stories for six years.

In 1999 he set off for South America on a Scotsman contract and began a fruitful period as a freelance feature and travel writer. Since then he has continued to write for national newspapers, while working on radio and book projects.

Between 2000 and 2016 he was features editor of Third Way magazine, commissioning and editing hundreds of articles, and conducting high profile interviews including Ken Loach, Annie Lennox, Jon Ronson, Michel Faber & Jeanette Winterson.

Five of Nick’s favourites

Learning to Love Risk – BBC Radio 4

Herzog’s Unfilmable Nightmare – Sunday Herald

Leaves on the Line – Guardian G2

A New Chapter in the Jungle Book – Sunday Times

It is Not Good to Forget – Guardian G2

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