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“Nick is insightful, intuitive, personable, and warm. I have moved through two major life transitions rather effortlessly with his coaching support – wonderful and life-changing literally.” Ian G, Singapore

“I was always looking forward to my next coaching session with Nick because I knew that I would come out of it with great energy, insights and maybe some interesting new perspective on myself. The sea view and cozy room where the coaching takes place is just an added bonus!” Natasha S

“Working with Nick was definitely the most fun I’ve had in the coaching space. I appreciated his energy, enthusiasm and how I always felt like I could be 100% myself. Each session, Nick brings a warmth and presence that helps you feel at ease and perfectly at home. If you are looking for a space where you’ll feel equally comfortable laughing and crying as you process the things that are deeply important to you, then I’d highly recommend coaching with Nick.” Kathryn Ho

“Nick is an empathic, present and playful coach. He won’t hand you a compass, but he’ll gently and honestly keep stirring you towards your own answers and your inner wisdom. We worked on some old issues I have with my writing. We also had a couple of sessions about my family relationships. I came out of each session carrying a long lasting golden pebble that now guides me in different situations. Nick handled different themes with different tools but the same level of compassion. In our sessions I felt seen and cared for, and I am really grateful to have had this experience.” Laia Jufresa, Edinburgh

“Nick is a very good coach. I worked on my motivation, goal setting, focus and personal behaviour. Being a great listener, he helped me ask myself the tough questions that needed asked, and tackle my life challenges with greater confidence.” Martin W, Edinburgh

“Having a safe space to explore my current concerns, challenges and patterns, at a time of huge transition for me has been enormously helpful. Our sessions are surprisingly enjoyable and even fun. I hadn’t expected to laugh so much, alongside the tears. I leave feeling that whatever state I am currently in is okay. I have really appreciated his energy and enthusiasm. Having Nick completely engaged with me (for the hour) with such emotional honesty has been a deeply affirming experience.” RT, Edinburgh

“I would highly recommend Nick! He is calming, considered, interested, genuine and has a positive presence which creates a comfortable and valued coaching experience. Nick has clearly got great knowledge and experience and is insightful and empathetic so this helped me to open up and lift the lid on sharing any deep thoughts. He really helped me to attain my coaching goals and I would have no hesitation in returning to Nick in the future.” Rachel, Edinburgh

“Working with Nick has helped me feel more at home in my own life. I was really enriched by being able to bring what was most current or alive for me and then find ways to work with what was deep or underlying, leading to some really liberating insights. I would recommend Nick highly.” Simon R, Edinburgh

“I went to see Nick after life got a bit tougher for me since I became a dad. Nick helped me greatly to understand myself and my priorities and to appreciate the importance of self-care and to challenge some of my internal assumptions. We worked on fatherhood, my social life, work productivity, my need for external accountability. I saw progress in all of these areas. Nick’s strengths are his warmth, humour and excellent listening skills.” Richard Buckland, Edinburgh

“Being coached by Nick was a powerful experience for me. I felt he quickly gained a deep understanding of my situation allowing him to help me to see things in a new and enlightening way.” Liz G, Stirling

“Calm, thoughtful, intellectually refreshing! Skilful balance of potential discussion topics that nevertheless helped navigate towards what was an agreed goal without being overly structured and offered the flexibility to go off piste when it was right to do so.” NM, Edinburgh

“Nick is a very warm and friendly person to work with. I always had the sense he was genuinely interested in me and had my best interests at heart. There was a real generosity of spirit which he brought to the sessions. The sessions were also fun.” Helen, Edinburgh

“Nick is warm, kind, puts you instantly at ease, an exceptional listener, and very good at thoughtfully summarising the discussion and provided focused, insightful and truly helpful suggestions. I found that I was more relaxed and confident about making certain choices after the coaching sessions, and felt that I understood more about my own strengths and how to capitalise on these. These choices have had very positive effects in my personal and working life. I would strongly recommend coaching with Nick.” AM, Edinburgh

“Nick offered the space to explore new possibilities, some invaluable challenges and pertinent reflections amidst a period of uncertainty and transition. These helped me clarify what I wanted and contributed towards my taking positive steps in changing my working world. Nick has played an important part in getting me to where I am now, in a freer and more hopeful place. Many, many thanks.” Andrew H, Edinburgh

“My sessions with Nick were extremely insightful and challenged me to really consider my problems from different perspectives. I saw progress in a number of areas. I’ve learned more about myself in the past 6 sessions than I ever thought possible and I’m extremely grateful for Nick guiding me through a busy period to help me move towards greater success.” Darren Green


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