supervision for coaches

In coaching supervision I provide a safe space for your in-depth reflection on your practice and wellbeing as a coach. You get to unfurl your work carefully and examine what needs attention.

As an experienced coach and trainer of coaches, I know how important it is to get support with issues that come up with our clients, whether they bring a complex emotional challenge, a stretch to our current experience or confidence, or simply an awareness of working patterns we’d like to investigate.

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) calls supervision “a powerful vehicle for deep learning: its benefits extend beyond the supervisee and include their clients and sponsoring organisations.” That’s what I’m here to provide as we reflect on your current coaching clients and draw out points for encouragement and improvement together.

More specifically, supervision can:

  • Support you with more challenging clients
  • Help you process emotions your practice has brought up
  • Assist with ethical ‘dilemmas’ that may arise
  • Build your self-awareness and critical reflection
  • Resource you with possible client interventions/new perspectives
  • Nurture and grow your unique coaching style
  • Support you in maintaining professional standards
  • Point you towards new tools or coaching approaches

I’m an Associate Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation, and Scottish trainer with Animas Centre for Coaching on its ICF/AC-accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching. I am currently completing a Diploma in Coaching Supervision, accredited by both the EMCC and ICF, and am offering 60-minute supervision sessions at a discounted cost of £40 per hour (or four sessions for £150) until I graduate in late 2020.

Book a free consultation if you’d like to discuss working with me, or just arrange your first paid online session here.

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