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My Letting Go workshop

Day Workshop: The Art of Letting Go In a stressed-out world, can we learn to trust and go with life's flow? Facilitated by author Nick Thorpe Saturday 21st March 2015, 10am to 4.30pm The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth, PH1 1PY Price: £40 including lunch Would you like to join me in the beautiful Perthshire countryside for my day workshop in the art of letting go?  Based at one of my favourite places, the secluded retreat centre at The Bield at Blackruthven just outside Perth, Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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Michel Faber interview


The novelist Michel Faber talks about his new book, his Evangelical background, atheism, and the loss of his wife.

ARRIVING to interview Michel Faber, I feel awestruck and slightly puzzled.

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My Adoption Journey

In National Adoption Week, NICK THORPE reflects on the most challenging and fulfilling experience of his life... MONTHS before we met our son for the first time, I knew in my gut that I wanted to be his dad. The description from the social worker chimed for both of us: “A lively, sociable three-year-old with a sunny personality and a streak of mischief, C loves to talk about his feelings and listen to story books…” My wife and I put in our application, made a DVD to introduce ourselves, Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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Sorcerers’ Tales

RENATO Cardenas lives alone in a bleached wooden house, shielded by pine trees and the kind of mysterious smile you might expect from a wizard. Not that he will admit to being a wizard. "I've heard that people call me El Brujo Cardenas," is all he will concede, tantalisingly, as he ushers us inside, amusement twitching at the corners of his pointed grey beard. He has good reason to be reticent. According to the luxuriant folklore of Chiloe, this mist-shrouded archipelago a few miles and Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie

I am in recovery from a long-standing addiction. While others may secretly gorge on chocolate or swig from a bottle hidden in the top drawer, I head furtively for the Mind Body Spirit section and binge on books promising to change my life in seven easy steps. I could once get an almost physical high breaking open the cover of another seductive promise – Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, or How to Talk to Anyone – another scheme to eliminate the bits of myself I didn’t like, and win the Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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TEDx Talk: On Meaningful Risk

TEDx conference, Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania  November 2012 "My name is Nick Thorpe, I'm a writer and journalist, and I have a fascination with risk-taking. Despite my innate anxiety - or perhaps because of it - I seem compelled to stretch myself, force myself into the present moment. But what's changed over the years is the kind of risks I take. In the past it was physical, an adrenalin buzz from a reed boat adventure or a leap off a cliff. But I like to think I am learning Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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The Rites of Men

Psychotherapist Michael Boyle is in Edinburgh tomorrow (11th August) to talk about his visionary approach to directionless or delinquent young men - lead them through a modern rites of passage they will never forget.  Published in The Herald on 10th Aug 2012 AMID the depressingly high statistics for male youth offending, unemployment and suicide, Michael Boyle believes society has forgotten a simple truth – that to grow up at all, boys must somehow be initiated into manhood. While shipbuilding, Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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My travels in 6 minutes

A few weeks ago I took part in an unforgettable fundraising Night of Adventure at the Vue Cinema in Edinburgh - the biggest-screen slideshow of my life thus far. It was organised by the intrepid and slightly nuts Alastair Humphreys in aid of Hope and Homes for Children - a charity close to my heart because it matches abandoned or orphaned children with permanent families who can love them. (Donations always welcome). My task was to tell the story of all my adventures Pecha Kucha style - that Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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The Power of Menswork

"Most men don't have a life. Instead we have learned to pretend. Much of what men do is an outer show, kept up for protection. Like a tiger raised in a zoo - confused and numb, with huge energies untapped. He feels there must be more, but does not know what more is." Steve Biddulph, Manhood After spending many years trying to prove myself on expeditions and voyages, it’s strange that the bravest acts I’ve ever witnessed have turned out to be ordinary men daring to tell the truth about their Read more [...] Continue Reading...

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Jeanette Winterson interview

One of my favourite books of 2011 was Jeanette Winterson’s memoir Why be Happy When you Could be Normal? So I was delighted to get the opportunity to interview her recently for Third Way Magazine. Anyone familiar with her award-winning Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, in either its novel or BBC TV serial format, will remember the bold landmarks of the writer’s thinly-disguised autobiography: the terrifying adoptive mother, the gospel mission tent, the collision of lesbianism with fundamentalism. What’s Read more [...] Continue Reading...
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