27 May 2011, Posted by Nick.

Edinburgh Book Launch Jun 7th

Edinburgh Launch of Urban Worrier Tues 7th June, 6.30pm Blackwell's Bookshop 52-63 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1YS Ticketed but free  Calling all Urban Worriers! Do you ever wish life could be a little less stressful? Well come and join the club! In less than a week my new book will hit the bookshelves and I'm hoping you'll help me launch it with readings and chat over a relaxing glass of wine. Urban Worrier: Adventures in the Lost Art of Letting Go (Abacus, 2 Jun 2011) is the story Read more [...]

27 May 2011, Posted by Nick.

Pre-order Offer on Amazon

With less than a week until Urban Worrier goes on sale, I noticiced this morning that Amazon is doing a big opening offer for those who pre-order the book: reduced from £13.99 to £7.75 - so you're almost getting two for the cover price of one. With my business hat on, I should probably avoid flagging up this kind of mass-discounting, but I'm also a realist - and a good pre-order would do wonders for my Amazon ranking on day one, which in turn helps to publicise the book in a difficult economic Read more [...]

22 May 2011, Posted by Nick.

Sunday with Sally Magnusson

Somehow dragged myself out of bed at 5.30am today for a live interview at BBC Radio Scotland in Edinburgh on Sunday Morning with Sally Magnusson. Given the hour, Sally thankfully went a whole lot easier on me than all the politicians she grilled during the recent Scottish elections. In fact we meandered our way through a very convivial half hour of music and chat, touching on some of the more spiritual/personal aspects of Urban Worrier, including childhood faith, fatherhood, and that Read more [...]

09 May 2011, Posted by Nick.

The Imperfectionists

I've just finished reading The Imperfectionists, by Tom Rachman, a tragicomic novel about eleven lives connected to one newspaper as print journalism enters its death-throes. Rachman, a former journalist himself, deservedly won rave reviews for this first work of fiction, which stirred in me emotions not commonly associated with the media: compassion, affection, gentle humour. It also made me quite nostalgic for my years on the staff of the Scotsman, which is suffering plungeing circulation figures Read more [...]

04 May 2011, Posted by Nick.

Reading in the Buff

Less than a month to the publication of Urban Worrier: Adventures in the Lost Art of Letting Go, my most honest book to date. I’ve been wavering between excitement and trepidation for weeks as June 2nd approaches, wondering if I should have been a bit more circumspect and less confessional – but that all paled into insignificance yesterday when a man emailed me to ask if I’d consider giving a book reading stark naked. Nudefest, I should hastily explain, is British Naturism’s annual jamboree Read more [...]

28 Apr 2011, Posted by admin.

Competitive Meditation, Anyone?

Until recently I believed, in my nuanced, non-judgemental way, that every minute spent playing video games was another minute tragically leeched from more important things.

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