19 May 2017, Posted by Nick.

A life-changing friendship

First published in The Porch Magazine In memory of my dear friend and colleague, DAVID DRYSDALE, who inspires me daily to embrace who I am and live life as a gift. I FIRST met David Drysdale in the year of my 40th birthday, at a time when being a man still felt to me like a guilty admission. As father of a newly adopted son, I was determined to defy gender stereotypes and throw myself joyfully into shared parenting, but I found the exhausting front-line reality was triggering all kinds Read more [...]

14 Feb 2015, Posted by Nick.

My Letting Go workshop

Day Workshop: The Art of Letting Go In a stressed-out world, can we learn to trust and go with life's flow? Facilitated by author Nick Thorpe Saturday 21st March 2015, 10am to 4.30pm The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth, PH1 1PY Price: £40 including lunch Would you like to join me in the beautiful Perthshire countryside for my day workshop in the art of letting go?  Based at one of my favourite places, the secluded retreat centre at The Bield at Blackruthven just outside Perth, Read more [...]

07 Dec 2014, Posted by Nick.

Michel Faber interview


The novelist Michel Faber talks about his new book, his Evangelical background, atheism, and the loss of his wife.

ARRIVING to interview Michel Faber, I feel awestruck and slightly puzzled.

06 Nov 2014, Posted by Nick.

My Adoption Journey

In National Adoption Week, NICK THORPE reflects on the most challenging and fulfilling experience of his life... MONTHS before we met our son for the first time, I knew in my gut that I wanted to be his dad. The description from the social worker chimed for both of us: “A lively, sociable three-year-old with a sunny personality and a streak of mischief, C loves to talk about his feelings and listen to story books…” My wife and I put in our application, made a DVD to introduce ourselves, Read more [...]

03 Mar 2014, Posted by Nick.

The Love of Stuff

The problem with our society is not that it values material things too much but that it doesn’t value them enough FROM AEON MAGAZINE On my desk stands a miniature of an Easter Island moai, carved for me by a Rapa Nui craftsman. It’s precious to me, hewn from the same stone his ancestors used for the world-famous monoliths, textured with the tiny air-bubbles of millennia-old lava, and carrying memories of the friends I made on my voyage there. On another level, however, it’s also an uneasy Read more [...]

13 Dec 2013, Posted by Nick.

Meaningful Risk Conference

What inspires us to take the risks that really matter in life? On 30th January 2014, I am excited to be co-organising and participating in an unusual one-day event that aims to find out. Held in Glasgow and aimed at senior managers, policy makers and leaders - which is all of us, on one level or another - it's a one-day learning conference entitled Taking Meaningful Risks. This is a theme which has become very important to me in recent years, and which has already generated some great conversations Read more [...]

29 Nov 2013, Posted by Nick.

Signed copies for Christmas?

Stumped for Christmas gifts? I can mail you (or your beloved recipient) one of my signed books with your choice of personalised dedication if that would hit the spot. Just drop me a line at my contact email and we'll arrange postage and settle up by paypal. Thanks! Shameless sales pitch over... Read more [...]

30 Oct 2013, Posted by Nick.

Sorcerers’ Tales

RENATO Cardenas lives alone in a bleached wooden house, shielded by pine trees and the kind of mysterious smile you might expect from a wizard. Not that he will admit to being a wizard. "I've heard that people call me El Brujo Cardenas," is all he will concede, tantalisingly, as he ushers us inside, amusement twitching at the corners of his pointed grey beard. He has good reason to be reticent. According to the luxuriant folklore of Chiloe, this mist-shrouded archipelago a few miles and Read more [...]

27 Sep 2013, Posted by Nick.

Exploring Dangerous Truths

Great to see John Rae finally getting the recognition he deserves on his 200th birthday.  Never heard of him?  Me neither, until I came across the story of Britain’s most undervalued Arctic explorer a few years ago in Orkney. Born in Stromness, Dr Rae's accomplishments tower above those of many of his more famous Victorian contemporaries. Starting his career as a surgeon with the Hudson Bay Company, he was the first to identify the last link in the elusive Northwest Passage between Atlantic Read more [...]

29 May 2013, Posted by Nick.

A Quiet Hero

You've probably never heard of Sir John Crofton, but if you value your lungs, you should certainly toast him. It was Crofton, half a century ago, who discovered the first 100 per cent cure for the age-old scourge of tuberculosis. Crofton, too, who pioneered the global method currently being used to fight terrifying new drug-resistant strains on Europe’s doorstep. With his campaigning doctor wife, Eileen, he also laid 30 years of groundwork for Britain’s first smoking ban in Scotland. And Read more [...]
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