How do we find a little balance and contentment in this over-stressed modern world? That was my quest in Urban Worrier: Adventures in the Lost Art of Letting Go, where I tried cliff-jumping, clowning, meditation and even naturism, before stumbling into something deeper in the New Mexican desert.

Now also a proud dad and co-parenting campaigner based in Edinburgh, Scotland, I’m delighted to offer life coaching alongside my writing – with a particular passion for mid-life transition, creative process and male rite of passage.

Feel free to nose through my booksarticles and random stuff I like – or browse my blog, listen to my TEDx talk on meaningful risk, or book me for a speaking event in your school or organisation.

Adrift in Caledonia

Adrift in Caledonia
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ONE clear morning in May, Nick Thorpe left his Edinburgh flat, ducked off the commuter route and hitched a ride aboard a little white canal boat, heading west towards the sea…

It was the first mutinous step in a delightful boat-hopping odyssey that would take him 2,500 miles through Scotland’s canals, lochs and coastal waters, from the industrial Clyde to the scattered islands of Viking Shetland.

Eight Men and a Duck

Eight Men and a Duck
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ON A fateful South American bus trip, journalist Nick Thorpe overheard an improbable plan: to sail 2,500 miles to Easter Island on a boat made of reeds. Intrigued by this modern-day Kon-Tiki, he blagged his way on board only to find himself with nagging questions.

Eight Men and a Duck charts this most eccentric of Pacific voyages as it lurched between high drama and high farce…


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